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Azure Tranquil Blue Aura Soak

Azure Tranquil Blue Aura Soak

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A detoxifying indigo bath soak with color therapy benefits for relaxation and mystic awakening, Azure is formulated with an exquisite blend of salt minerals, coconut milk and magnesium crystals to illuminate skin and spirit. Each jar is infused with a raw blue aura quartz crystal point for calming, mystical magic.

Potent blue spirulina and antioxidant rich butterfly pea flowers turn your clawfoot into the deep blue sea. Intoxicating aromatics of Haitian vetiver, spicy cardamom, bitter orange, and Atlas + Virginia cedar provide a deeply restorative experience. 

  • Atlantic + Dead Sea sea salt restores the natural pH of the skin and speeds the elimination of toxins.


  • This luxurious combination of salts and coconut deeply soothes dry irritated skin leaving it soft and moisturized from within. 


  • Blue Spirulina is a nutrient dense extract offering more skin loving benefits than blue-green spirulina. Full of calcium, zinc, copper, and antioxidants to protect and speed cellular healing. 


  • Magnesium crystals promote melatonin, a hormone to aid in a restful sleep. Highly anti-inflammatory and relieves muscle tension by acting as a muscle relaxant. 

Results: Skin will be left smooth, soft and moisturized from within. Spirit will be calm and in a deeply restorative state.

Skin Type: All skin types. 

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